Among the general contracting companies operating in the construction sector, Üçgen Project has a special place as a contracting company of especially prestigious buildings and Projects.

Since its establishment, Üçgen Project which has undertaken numerous prestigious Projects such as shopping centers, facilities, residences, hotels and schools, has got Project management team specialized in completing difficult and complex Projects before the Project deadline.  In addition, with the coordination of the design and application teams within the company from a single center, it has produced and delivered many domestic and international Projects meticulously.


The mission of the company, Üçgen Project, is to make the region more valuable, to produce high quality products, by predicating the understanding of perfection; to combine high quality structure with impeccable infrastructure systems, and to be one of the leading companies of the sector by continuously developing and growing.


By maintaining the basic working principles in all the Projects undertaken; to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, to fulfill completely its contractual commitments, by using the most advanced technology and most experienced workforce to deliver the desired quality, to grow healthy in the sector, to carry on working with the aware and aim of being among the most reliable companies in Turkey is the vision of the company, Üçgen Project.